The IAW, an organization formed of, by and for the Whistleblower….offering support for all persons of conscience great and small.


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International Association of Whistleblowers (IAW)

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Why do we need this meeting?
Carol Czarkowski said it best, We need an “event such as this in order to get Whistleblowers together to meet each other so they can make acquaintances and know there are others who have or are going through problems such as ours. Also, it gives each of us access to people whom we know we can depend on as friends to call and discuss what is happening to us. Many of us often feel we are totally alone in our ordeal, but when in reality there have been many more before us that have experienced the same or similar problems.”

Every whistleblower to be interviewed for YouTube Meeting Record

We invite all Persons of Conscience to join the Agenda Committee.
We need your ideas and suggestions!
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