The International Association of Whistle-blowers (IAW) is an organization formed in 2007, was founded by James J. Murtagh MD and Kevin Kuritzky who claim to be whistleblowers.

This website links documents that describe Dr. Murtagh’s controversial exit from Emory University in 2001; his $1.6 million structured settlement that he jeopardized by breaching a settlement agreement with the university; his impersonation of Emory officials to send defamatory emails; his withholding of evidence, perjury, and tampering of documents during arbitration proceedings; his two court contempt orders; and a ruling of about $666,000 in damages against him for bad-faith conduct.

On March 29, 2013, the Georgia Court of Appeals affirmed the trial court’s ruling against him, which increased the award to Emory to over $1 million for damages, fees, and expenses stemming from Dr. Murtagh’s “pattern of repeated, bad faith and surreptitious violations of the Settlement Agreement, and his repeated and willful violations of the Court’s orders.”

Dr. Murtagh has been a defendant in at least one defamation case and a plaintiff in at least a dozen lawsuits against hospitals in which he has worked.  This website will be updated as Dr. Murtagh files new motions and cases against hospitals and staffing agencies across the United States.

Dr. Murtagh unlawfully records telephone conversations to use against targeted hospitals, recruiters and individuals.  But like the court documents we’ve posted, we urge you to listen to three of Murtagh’s recent recordings (1, 2, and 3) before deciding whether Dr. Murtagh is a suitable caregiver, co-worker, or employee.

In March 2013, Kuritzky pled guilty to embezzling at least $150,000 from his former employer, a FELONY.  During the sentencing hearing, his attorney disclosed Kuritzky’s previous vandalism conviction and cited his bouts of mental illness (see transcript).

For more information about these individuals, visit http://jamesmurtaghmd.com.

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