Patient Quality Care Project (PQCP)
We urge Protection for American Patients

Doctors, Patients, Lawyers and Citizens Asking for Clean Hands in medicine. We urge an end to Fraud, and an end to sham Peer review.

The Patient Quality Care Project (PQCP) works to improve the quality of medical care in the United States by bringing together coalitions of doctors, lawyers, patients, other medically related workers and citizens.

Our Objective is QU.E.S.T:
Quality, Ethics, Safety and Trust in medicine.

PQCP: The Medical Safety Whistleblower Coalition
Joining hands with all American Whistleblower Coaltions

The mission of the PQCP Society is to improve the quality of medical care in the United States through assisting physicians who have been subjected to malicious and improper (sham) peer review.  In many cases, these physicians are not only the most talented but the most concerned with quality patient care.  Proper peer review is an essential system intended to protect patients. If peer review is conducted in bad faith, patients and the public at large are defrauded and left defenseless. Many documented cases of bad faith peer review have been shown to greatly harm the public interest. The PQCP Society was formed to alert the public, the health care environment, professional societies, academic institutions, government elected officers and Congress, to the enormous threat that bad faith peer review poses. PQCP uses the media, professional societies, government and legal initiatives to end bad faith peer review and support integrity.

PQCP Society supports cost-effective strategies to support integrity, high standards and credibility in medicine. PQCP Society is a concerned group of doctors, lawyers and other professionals that is growing rapidly and partnering with other public interest groups and professional societies that demand integrity and support due process for doctors.

The PQCP offers help to physicians fighting against sham peer review, and to others who are fighting against retaliation subsequent to blowing the whistle on waste, fraud or abuse of authority in medically related areas.

State Legislators, Trustees and CEOs need up-to-date information in order to regulate Medical Boards, and for corporate officers, to avoid lawsuits against themselves (and their institutions) and to guide their institutions to improved quality of care. Studies show that 80% of fraud cases in the United States involve healthcare.

PQCP has links to a large series of articles and presentations on the history of dangers and deficiencies in health care, and the pervasive lack of corrective action by government.

The PQCP offers advice and effective strategies to lawyers currently helping physicians who had a sham peer review or whistle-blowers with retaliation.

The PQCP can provide news about sham reviews, whistle blowers and current cases, plus contacts with experts.

Current laws regulating patient safety and quality of care (in the hands of JCAHCO and CMS) have no teeth. Reports of serious dangers and deficiencies are ignored, according to the GAO. PQCP is lobbying to change current law to promote safety and quality care for patients, as well as effective responses to identified dangers and deficient care.

PQCP has links to sites with relevant information on dangers and deficiencies in quality of patient care, the lack of any official response or oversight, and alternative strategies that could improve patient care.

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